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The Warm Cozy
If you find a four-leaf clover...
Welcome to The Warm Cozy!
Somehow you have stumbled upon this journal, which contains mostly my attempts at creating graphics and my various writings. If you want to know more about me, see my profile, where I expanded more about myself. The resources I use for graphics and layout credits are also located there.

I really should post more often, but I post only things that are worthwhile reading in my journal, so please excuse my slowness. I will try to upload more goodies in the future, when my upload rate isn't so inconsistent. I hope you enjoy browsing thru my journal, although there isn't much. You're welcome to friend me anytime. You can also leave a comment in my guestbook, even if it's just saying "hi". ^_^
16th-Aug-2007 10:36 pm - BP Stage 2 Chapter 11
beauty pop - kiri; fr: Enchantment Scans
Scans courtesy of shoujo_nights.

I'm sorry for posting this so late. As usual, I collected all the scanned pages and zipped them up.

This chapter is especially for all Ochiai fans. Ochiai gets to be the hero. Narumi sulks a lot, emitting a depressing aura (think Tamaki-style depression from Ouran Host Club ^ ^;;). Kiri is just herself as usual. Ochiai watches carefully whenever Kiri and Narumi are close to each other. Kiri gets out the "golden" scissors while Billy watches from the window.

Chapter 11 downloads: Megaupload or Sendspace
16th-Aug-2007 09:40 pm - Beauty Pop Kitty Blue Layout
beauty pop - kiri; fr: Enchantment Scans
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I finally changed the layout to this journal. It's belatedly summer-bright and cheery, which I will need since I'm going back to school very soon. I discovered the header art from using the Japanese version of Google to search for Beauty Pop images, which let me to a journal entry written by Arai Kiyoko herself within the Ciao site. The header would be perfect as an image map (parts of an image acting as weblinks), if I knew how to make one. I really love the adorable header, with the characters of Beauty Pop dressed up as cats.^_^
8th-Aug-2007 09:09 pm - Mulitiple Cross-Post!
clover - trying to love
Livejournal is not treating fandom very well at the moment so I made placeholders for myself at other journal sites. I am using Semagic to cross-post like crazy at livejournal, greatestjournal, and insanejournal.

Where to find me:

cloverminx @ livejournal

cloverminx @ greatestjournal

cloverminx @ insanejournal

I am currently trying to rename my journalfen account.
27th-Jul-2007 02:25 pm - Beauty Pop Night Layout
beauty pop - kiri; fr: Enchantment Scans

The header image is from Beauty Pop Stage 2 Chapter 10 in Ciao Magazine July 2007 issue. I cropped the image, cleaned it the best I could using Microsoft Paint, added some glowing lights, and lastly modified it into a header to use with an existing layout. The original layout is from premade_ljs. I modified the footer to credit Arai Kiyoko for the image.

I like this layout turned out, even though it's simple black and white with some gray tones thrown in. ^_^

Preview at my testing journal testdraft
or click on thumbnail:

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26th-Jul-2007 11:57 pm - Icons: Coloring Experiment
beauty pop - kiri; fr: Enchantment Scans
This is my second attempt at making Beauty Pop icons since there's a lack of them online. I hope it is a little bit better than the first batch, but I will continue to improve.

Coloring wasn't easy since I don't have Photoshop. Most of the text used were yanked from other icons, since Microsoft Paint doesn't have a nice variety of font brushes. But if someone is offended by this, I will take down the icons upon request.

Even if you don't take any, comment on which ones you like. My personal favorite is #15. ^_^

[21] Beauty Pop


Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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25th-Jul-2007 05:07 pm - BP Stage 2 Chapter 10
beauty pop - kiri; fr: Enchantment Scans
Scans courtesy of shoujo_nights.

Beauty Pop Stage 2 Chapter 10 Summary (Ciao July 07):
This chapter makes me very happy. ^__^ The cover page shows Kiri and Shampoo relaxing summer-style. Shampoo is adorable, enjoying an iced drink. The next chapter comes out in Japan on August 13, 2007. I am looking forward to it!

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14th-Jun-2007 03:55 pm - Icons: Kiri Pop Art
beauty pop - kiri; fr: Enchantment Scans
This is my first time making icons. I was playing around with the colors in Paint and made these icons. Please comment if you take any, and let me know which ones you like! Credit is not necessary. I was trying to reflect the colorful covers of the Beauty Pop volumes. Beauty Pop isn't called "Beauty Pop" without a reason.

[15] Beauty Pop


Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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13th-Jun-2007 04:29 pm - [Raws] Beauty Pop Stage 2
beauty pop - kiri; fr: Enchantment Scans
I found the latest raw scans of Beauty Pop Stage 2 from poking around online. Credit for the scans goes to:

Shoujo Nights

A direct link to the Ciao section can be found here. Just scroll down to find the titles you want to see. The site follows the magazines' schedules, uploading the scans for about a month before taking them down to replace them with scans from the newest issue (aka: monthly rotation).

Beauty Pop Stage 2, the sequel to Beauty Pop, is currently serialized in the magazine "Ciao" since October 2006. Here's the promo scan:

Volumes 7 and 8 has already been published in Japan, with volume 8 released just last month. Here are the covers:
Chisame Kiri, Shampoo, and Seki nii-chan

I managed to get chapters 7-9. Chapter 9 is the latest in Ciao June 2007. I can't get the earlier chapters due to the scanner's request policy (no requests for previous scans). Chapter 7-9 Previews:

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prince of tennis - ryoma & tezuka
Title: Chat with Karupin
Series: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Tezuka x Ryoma (if you squint)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Nope, these characters are not mine.
Author's Notes: This drabble was written last night and revised when it was typed up today. Inspired by the fact that whenever I wanted to talk, but not with friends and family, I 'talked' with my stuffed rabbit Hazelnut privately just to voice out my thoughts and feelings. As a private person, I keep most things to myself. I think Ryoma is similar in that regard.

Chat with KarupinCollapse )
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