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Drabble: Chat with Karupin (Prince of Tennis)

Title: Chat with Karupin
Series: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Tezuka x Ryoma (if you squint)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Nope, these characters are not mine.
Author's Notes: This drabble was written last night and revised when it was typed up today. Inspired by the fact that whenever I wanted to talk, but not with friends and family, I 'talked' with my stuffed rabbit Hazelnut privately just to voice out my thoughts and feelings. As a private person, I keep most things to myself. I think Ryoma is similar in that regard.

Contrary to general belief, Echizen Ryoma does not practice tennis in every spare minute at home. When he is not doing schoolwork, chores, playing video games, or napping, he talks to Karupin.

His cat is the only confidant privy to all his feelings, thoughts, dreams, wishes, and hopes.

Ryoma is remarkably talkative during these private moments, unlike his public persona.

He is especially fond of having Karupin in his lap while sitting idly on the back porch. It’s easy to talk to Karupin; Karupin listens, while asking for nothing more than a good back scratch.

It’s just Karupin and him, and that makes all the difference.

Random thoughts floated in and out of his subconscious while he’s with his cat. “If the god of tennis exists,” Ryoma muses, “then it would be Buchou.” The old man definitely didn’t count. All the more reason to reach higher and higher until he’s no longer leaping, but soaring. “Just watch me, Karupin,” smiles Ryoma, a genuine smile, absentmindedly scratching the sweet spot behind his beloved cat’s ears. “I’m aiming for Buchou.”

Karupin merely replies with a contented meow.
Tags: drabble, fanfic, prince of tennis, tezuka/ryoma

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